Reell provides a complete range of positioning hinges, torque inserts,  wrap spring clutches, and precision springs and wire forms.  All Reell products are engineered to provide consistent performance over long life, delivering precise motion and positioning control.

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  • 定位铰链

    Position Hinges

    Reell's custom hinges and standard constant torque friction hinges hold position throughout their full range of motion. Engineered with our patented ReellTorq® clip technology, our products provide a smooth flowing feel, while being virtually unaffected by wear.

  • 离合器


    Reell's standard electric wrap spring clutch design gives you the ability to drive a high amount of torque in a small package. Available in a broad range of sizes and load capacities for motion control applications up to 75 lb-in (8.5 N-m) total load, our electric clutch line is ideally suited for intermittent motion applications requiring consistent timing performance over life.

  • Precision Springs

    Reell’s Spring Technologies group specializes in the design and manufacture of critically-precise, custom springs, coils and wire forms. Engineered using our proprietary processes, our precision springs provide exceptional quality with tolerance control unique in the industry.

  • Torque Inserts

    Reell’s standard and custom torque inserts are a novel positioning product that are designed to be press fit or over-molded in customer applications.  They use patented ReellTorq® clip technology to provide a smooth feel of quality and consistent torque over long life without the visible appearance of a hinge.